One Hundred Days
(Sung to the tune of "One Hundred Ways" by Quincy Jones & James Ingram)

(instrumental intro)

Simpleton is what he was.
We're exposing what he does.
Through mob violence, the Shrub got his way.
Dedicated to right wing,
This cold, dumb poseur makes them sing.
It's an outrage...
His one hundred days.

He'll regret what he can't see.
The voters have long memory.
'Cause this cheater lost to Gore.
That's why we say:
He just don't have it - has no mind.
He's just racing 'gainst time...
Past one hundred days.

Bein' cruel didn't help him weather the storm.
All his donors dance
To the crime in which they all took part.
It's no secret - now's their chance
To give "advice" 'bout clean air,
And the land they'd scar.
Bush wants to have his way.
Build up arms to fight.
We reject George W.
A cheater at best - has not long to stay,
Past one hundred days.
We gotta relieve him, so...
Send him away.
Stop his right wing craze!

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Copyright © 2001 by W. Tong

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