All That Bush
(Sung to the tune of "All That Jazz" from the Broadway musical)
Guest song parody by Michael Pacholek

(instrumental intro)

Come on, babe, let's go to D.C. town...for all that Bush.
He's gonna rule the seas and knock Iraqis down...and all that Bush.
Start the car, I know a whoopee spot
Where the hearts are cold, but Rumsfeld's collar's hot.
It's just a big white house that has a Texas louse
And all that...Bush.

Shut your mouth, don't mention Georgie's booze...and all that Bush.
I hear Ari Fleischer's gonna write the news...and all that Bush.
Hold on, hon, we're gonna see that lug
For whom war and power is a wonder drug.
The country's come apart, we need a brand-new start
But we still got...Bush.

Ari's task, to play it fast and loose...for all that Bush.
They treat Powell like a silly goose...and all that Bush.
Come on, babe, he's gonna fill the sky
With lots o' missiles 'til Saddam is blown up high.
But if the boneyard's filled with U.S. Army killed
It won't move...Bush.

Oh, you're gonna see the stock market shake...for all that Bush.
Cut the tax 'til layoffs 'round the country break...for all that Bush.
See we're gonna have to wait a while
'Til election frees us from being held "hostile"
But the day is near when we will get to sneer
At all that...Bush.

All America says, "Boy, you screwed up as Prez!"
To all...that...Bush!
That Bush!

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Copyright © 2003 by Michael Pacholek
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