Alphabet For Rush
(Sung to the tune of "A, You're Adorable" Buddy Kaye, Fred Wise & Sidney Lippman)
Guest song parody by Alvin Dover,

As sung by Rush Limbaugh, the pill-poppin' pundit:

(instrumental intro)

A... Acetaminophen
B... Ben-Gay ointment
C... soothing cold therapy
D... is for Darvocet
E... for my ear that can't hear 'cause of too much Vicodin

F... fear of going deaf
G... get me Lorcet
H... where is my hearing aid?
I.... for Ibuprofen
J.... joints that cannot bend
K... for knees that crack all the time

M, N, O, P...
Wait I forgot about L
Q, R, S, T...
I want Tylenol with codeine

U... unruly Little Blues
V... for Vicks Vaporub
W, X, Y, Z...
They're some prescriptions my body can't avoid
I'm keeping two dozen pharmacists gainfully employed...

(repeat all verses then fade)

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Copyright © 2003 by Alvin Dover
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