King Bush's Arrangers
(Sung to the tune of "Away In A Manger")

(instrumental intro)

King Bush's arrangers fill voids in his head.
Bush doesn't know Jack Sh*t, and can be misled.
For Star Wars he'll try.
With help from DeLay.
King Bush is now tired, and asleep for the day.

His cattle are mooing.
Bush Baby awakes.
He's back at his ranch to hide from his mistakes.
"I followed you, Dubya."
Says Dad, with a sigh.
"Just listen to Cheney, and you will get by."

Just hear us, George Dubya:
Don't want you to stay.
Acceptance as leader?
There just is no way.
You couldn't survive an
Election that's fair
So go back to Texas, and you can live there.

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Copyright © 2001 by W. Tong

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