Hate Mail Bag
For your enjoyment, here is a collection of hate mail, complete with the original
typographical errors and lack of punctuation, along with some of my responses.
"Anonymous" entries came from right wing cowards who used the guest book.

Another Missing Link

From: Alec Whitehouse <alecw@mip.com>
Received: 11/26/02 9:31:10 AM
Subject: Liberals: You are the weakest link...


Dear SmartAlec:
Right wingers are the missing link.  Evolve, or go extinct.

From: Alec Whitehouse <alecw@mip.com>
Received: 12/10/02 1:44:50 PM
Subject: RE: Liberals: You are the weakest link...

How do you consider a head full of mindless, vitriolic mush an evolved being?

I don't - thanks for describing yourself; that's why you should evolve, or perish along with other right-wing dinosaurs.  Oh, but dittoheads don't believe in evolution, do they?

From: Alec Whitehouse <AlecW@mip.com>
Received: 12/10/02 4:56:15 PM
Subject: RE: RE: Liberals: You are the weakest link...

"I know you are but what am I?" Just the response I expected! Thank you for not disappointing. My problem is not with evolution, but those who are arrogant enough to consider themselves the ones evolved.  By the way, if you post my email address, I will sue you.

No, actually, you sucker-punched yourself, by asking a question and arrogantly assuming it didn't apply to you.    As for your empty threat, you can also try suing Googlefor archiving your vast record of Usenet vitriolYep, same guy with your handle wrote all that nasty stuff, such as this.

From: Alec Whitehouse <AlecW@mip.com>
Received: 12/10/02 5:08:38 PM
Subject: RE: RE: Liberals: You are the weakest link...

...and by the way you can see by the results of the recent election just how "mainstream" your viewpoint is.  Now who's the dinosaur?  Keep thrashing little Billy, keep thrashing.

Dubya pretended to run as a "compassionate conservative" and still lost the Election 2000  popular vote by 540,000, and had to be installed by the Supreme Court to prevent counting the votes in Florida.  Dubya and Rove must be really ecstatic about losing their all-out war to defeat Mary Landrieu (D-LA), who won her Senate race.

Received: 12/10/02 5:53:29 PM
From:  Alec Whitehouse <AlecW@mip.com>
Subject:  Privacy

On 11/26/2002, I emailed a private communication to you with the implied understanding that the communication would remain private. Nowhere in the body of your response or on your site do you indicate that correspondence may be the subject matter of any public posting where a person's legal identity would be revealed and therefore compromised. This is your chance
to retract this publication on the basis of a gentleman's agreement.

"Blah, blah, blah..." <snip>

Excuse me, but if you had bothered to read this nice long hate mail page, you'd see that all the dittoheads' messages (except for anonymous cowards who signed the Guest Book) and their handles are displayed, unedited.   I can't help it if you're dumb enough not to read that and foolish enough use your real name as an e-mail handle.

You must really have a glass jaw. On company time, with your company's e-mail system, you e-mailed harassing messages to me? Five times? Tsk, tsk. Some customer support rep you are. What would your MIP management in Austin, Texas, think about that? By the way, nice GTO.  Now please drive away, and don't bother me again.

Two more missing links:

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