A Bag of Wind
(Sung to the tune of "Against the Wind" by Bob Seger)

It seems likes yesterday
And not so long ago
Rush Limbaugh was big and king of the right
There in the darkness on the radio playing low

All the big stunts that he dared
He was a mountain when he moved
He rants on like a big liar churning out of control
'Til there was nothing left to churn and his mouth is in a groove

And the members of his assem-bly
The dittoheads and all his fans
Can't remember the time when Rush wasn't right
I'll say it right now, and I'll say it again

A bag of wind
Rush is only a bag of wind
He was always wrong, and still only
A bag of wind

The years rolled slowly past
He wouldn't leave us alone
Surrounded by dangers he thought were new trends
He found himself becoming more extreme in tone

It seems that every day
He finds a new way to goad
He was living to talk and talking to live
Never worried about their pain and even how much they owed

All those talk show days are past him now
He's got so much more to think about
Fund raisers and commitments
How to breathe in, how to breathe out

(Repeat Chorus)

Well he's bolder now, but still only
A bag of wind
A bag of wind
(Still talking)
A bag of wind
(Like the Goodyear blimp)
A bag of wind
(Like the Goodyear blimp)
A bag of wind
...[repeat ad nauseam]

Copyright © 1996 by W. Tong

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