Ballad of Georgie The Kid
(Sung to the tune of "Ballad of Billy The Kid" by Billy Joel)
Guest song parody by Michael Pacholek

(instrumental intro)

From a town known as New Haven, Connecticut,
Rode a boy with a six-pack in his hand.
And his daring life of slime made him a legend in his time,
When he settled off the Rio Grande.

Well, he started with a tank not full of oil.
On top of his empty head, a Stetson lid.
And his Dad and his guys took the business by surprise.
Soon the word spread of Georgie the Kid.

Well, his skull was always heavy, he was in the twilight zone
and he soon put his Dad's family to shame.
And made some deals so sweetheart, still the bottle was his home.
But he got by on his family's wealth and name.

Well, he stole some votes from Florida to Missouri
and the media chose not to pin him down
for it served their ratings well, for the folks said, "Give 'em hell!"
'til the economy started coming down.

(instrumental break)

Well, one cold day, the country soured on Georgie.
And they all said, "Get him out for all he did!"
And the voters and their kin, like the sea, came pouring in
To cause the losing of Georgie the Kid.

Well, he never felt so heavy, and he said, "Leave me alone!"
And how far he fell from so far whence he came!
And though Laura was his sweetheart, he moved in a brand-new home:
In the Presidential losers' hall of fame!

From the towns from Atlantic to Pacific
rode the boys and the girls with fisted hands.
And their daring '04 vote made George feel tight in the throat
'Cause they don't like his stupid command!

(instrumental ending)

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Copyright © 2003 by Michael Pacholek
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