Ballad of the Chickenhawks
(Sung to the tune of ""Ballad of the Green Berets" by Barry Sadler and Robin Moore)
Guest song parody by Mark Hoolihan

(instrumental intro)

Fighting soldiers each day die
Fearless men killed for a lie
Men who must in danger walk
Just to please the Chickenhawks

Yellow bellies, shaky nerves
These are men who didn't serve
As hundreds more die in Iraq
No danger here for the Chickenhawks

Born to live off other's sweat
Loving war, ain't seen it yet
Men who want war round the clock
Courage lacks in the Chickenhawks


Back at home more wars to plan
A Chickenhawk feels like a man
The widows who are now left
Crying out this last request:

Put yellow wings on my son's chest
His Father was America's best
He never will in danger walk
If he is a Chickenhawk

Courtesy Mark Hoolihan and the Hoolinet. (
Copyright 2003 Boniface Bugle Productions. All Rights Absurd.

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