Ballots of Jeb Bush
(Sung to the tune of  "Ballad of Jed Clampett" from "The Beverly Hillbillies")

Down in Florida, the Governor's a man named Jeb,
Who helped engineer another Constitution-shred.
Voters didn't go for George, 'cause they weren't in the mood.
Then, we all were astounded - the State's gettin' sued!

(Spoken:) Ballots, that is... black voters... the Presidency

Well, the first thing you know, George screamed it wasn't fair.
His kinfolk helped, and Jeb is trusting the co-chair,
Katherine Harris, Florida's Secretary of State;
Tryin' to steal the election - no recounts, she won't wait.

(Spoken:) Shills they are... media fools... chads in cards

If you read your history, you'd know 'bout Jeb and all his kin.
For scandals and corruption, you should know where they have been.
But the media's now beholden to right wing mentality,
And they're helpin' all the Bushes distort reality!

(Spoken:) Y'all kick back now... We're countin' on ya.

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Copyright © 2000 by W. Tong

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