Banana Republic
New, rare MIDI of "Chiquita Banana," added 7/21/02, sequenced by Ron Tilden - Thanks, Ron!
(Sung to the tune of "The Chiquita Banana" jingle, from a suggestion by Laurie from Florida during the 2000 recount debacle)

A banana republic, 
I am sad to say -
Our nation will turn into
If Bush gets his way.

He didn't earn the "crown" 
For which he thinks he's due.
There are too many Bushes,
They're no good for you.

His resume was pretty pallid.
In the debates, he had to lie.
In Florida, we have to beat him.
By helping Al Gore to defeat him.

A bonanza in this climate for Miss Harris,
And for Bush, the litigator.
But you should never let a Bush,
Be our chief administrator!

(repeat verses)

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Copyright © 2000 by W. Tong

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