Big War Man
(Sung to the tune of "Guitar Man" by Bread)

(instrumental intro)

Who talks so loud and acts so proud (crazy)? It's the Big War Man.
Who's gonna steal the oil, the spoils? Just see, it's the Big War Man.
World hates the Shrub, and he wonders why.
Where his bombs rain down, brown-skinned people die.
War just keeps him crowin' - oil cronies play.
He'd steal another race, to stay.

Fight after fight, the looney Right's crazy for their Big Oil Man.
Rush on the radio says, "Hey, listen to our Big War Man."
When his bombs came down, joy was on his face.
He thinks might makes right, and he has God's grace.
Arguments keep shiftin,' as we hear him say:
"If I say you're wrong, you'll pay!"

Bush won't listen to world viewpoints, 'cause his type can't get along.
Diplomacy's demeaning to his screeching right wing throng.
World rejects his war hawk message, 'cause Iraq is not his own.
This plays at home...

(instrumental break)

World hates the Shrub, dropping bombs from high.
World King whose crown says brown skins must die.
What the hell's he provin'?  Everyone must know:
Stealing oil's what makes him go.

Soon the right wing starts to bicker; Bush's scandals get to him.
Shrub's blustering will falter; his excuses get too thin.
But he hopes no one will notice, he's just got to find another war to stay...
War is his way... for him to stay...
War is his way... for him to stay...
War is his way... for him to stay...

(instrumental fade)

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Copyright © 2003 by W.  Tong

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