(Dedicated to Osama bin Laden)
(Sung to the tune "Ben" by Michael Jackson)
Guest song parody by Yobaby Ruth,

(instrumental intro)
Bin, the USA will win this war.
We will find who we are looking for.
With no home to call your own,
You'll always be alone.
And you, you jerk, will see
The world's your enemy.
(The world's your enemy)
Bin, you're always running here and there.
You know you're not wanted anywhere.
You will always look behind,
And not like what you find.
There's something you should know,
It's Hell where you will go.
(It's Hell where you will go)
You used to say... "Follow me."
Now it's "Run... we must flee."
You've made the world your enemy.
You won't win, just wait and see.
Bin, all countries will turn you away.
If they don't, there will be hell to pay.
We will crush the Taliban.
Who stole Afganistan.
I'm sure they'd think again.
Before letting you lead them...

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Copyright © 2001 by Yobaby Ruth
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