Blame Florida
(Sung to the tune of "Blame Canada" from "South Park: The Movie")
Guest song parody by

The day has passed
The recounts still aren't in
One side wants to throw all the new votes
In the garbage bin
Should we blame Ralph Nader?
Or the Constitution?
Or should we blame our own indecision?

No!  Blame Florida
Blame Florida
With all it's Mickey-Mousie ears
And folks getting up there in years
Blame Florida
Blame Florida
We must form a full assault!
It's Florida's fault

Don't blame me for my party
The system's spoiled rotten
As I'm sure you all now see

And I once had to fight
Charges of perjury
So Gore didn't associate himself with me

So?  Blame Florida
Blame Florida
It seems that everything's gone wrong
Since Florida came along
Blame Florida
Blame Florida
It's all geezers and tourist anyway

Barbara Bush:
My son deserved to win the vote on Tuesday, it is true
In fact he was declared the winner, by Albert Gore, too

Should we blame the issues?
Should we blame TV?
Or the jerks who closed voting in Missouri?
Heck no!  Blame Florida
Blame Florida
With all their beach bum hullaballoo
And partisan Katherine, too
Blame Florida
Shame on Florida
For not choosing some one
Not voting for Gore
How many days must we wait more
We must blame them and scrutinize
Before loyalists start to fling cream pies!

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