Blinded By The Right
Satire about the right wing conspiracy to remove President Clinton from office
(Sung to the tune of "Blinded By the Light" by Manfred Mann/Bruce Springsteen)

Don't be blinded by the Right.
They're cooked like a goose.
Another blunder by the Right.
Blinded by the Right...

(instrumental break)

Right wing bible thumpers all dreamed back in the summer that they could win with that.
And they jumped with the chumps as the scandal sheets trumped the plot that they begat.
It got colder and the holder of the evidence folder let Tripp tape Monica's sound.
All this was so teasing, easing and pleasing, the Conspiracy flashed what they found.

(instrumental break, repeat chorus)

Some scandal sheets all glorified the feats to trap the top official of the land.
And a prosecutor/would-be executor wants the switch held in his hand.
A conservative will tell you how to live, but they dish out more than they take.
So let's tell them to hell with 'em, we'll fight until the bell with 'em, and they can go jump in the lake.

(instrumental break, repeat chorus)

William Bennett and his cronies in the Senate all salivated at this feast.
They tried for years and the result of all their smears had paid off in part, at least.
And their flunkies in the House who said "Clinton is a louse" saw this scandal as their chance.
And Paula Jones, in her bones, could sense that all her loans could be paid off in advance.

(instrumental break, repeat Chorus)

Their evidence just didn't make sense, but the right wing went all insane.
And Starr spent our money and it really wasn't funny $60 million went down the drain.
As the scandal peaks, some mysterious leaks to the press had restoked the flame.
But to their frustration, it seemed that most the nation had not given Clinton the blame.

(instrumental break, repeat Chorus)

So they changed their tact, and claimed it was a fact that the President had broken the law.
And the Starr Report as a last resort was on the Internet, to the everyone's awe.
Veins bulge from their necks, they claimed it's not about sex, but they listed the sordid details.
This was all part of their plan, they'd finally get their man, and they'd still try even if it fails.

(instrumental break, repeat Chorus)

And so they got this far with the help of Ken Starr, and they plotted a case to impeach.
So the G.O.P. majority forced a vote we could foresee, and we heard Gingrich's last speech.
The Republican Huns had thought they had the guns to force the President to kneel and confess.
But they had not counted that this holy war they'd mounted would end up in a bigger mess.

So don't be blinded by the Right.
They're cooked like a goose.
Another blunder by the Right.
Blinded by the Right.

Got shot down but they believe they're right, and they're gonna make it...
A big fight.

Alternate version of this parody by Daedalus: He Was Blinded By The Right

Copyright © 1999 by W. Tong

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