Shrub Just Keeps Blowin' Away
(Sung to the tune of "Keep Me From Blowing Away" by Linda Ronstadt)
Guest song parody by Darrell Decker

(instrumental intro)

Well, he spent his whole lifetime
Never using his own dime,
And living off his family name.
He had no emotions,
Or a hint of devotion.
He only avoided the blame.

The booze gave him the blues,
He had to pay his dues.
For dad had plans to outlay.
"You get in this race, keep a straight face,
And just keep on blowin' away."

At time he was subject,
When he went in public,
To ridicule and shouts of "Moron!"
Dad would give him a kick,
And call him a prick,
And somehow he always bore on.
He thought the job awful,
And longed to be in Crawford,
Riding the range every day,
But dad wouldn't let him,
Even though he was so dim,
He said, "Just keep blowin' away."

If he's singing the blues,
Or you see his lips move,
You'll know that he's blowin' away.

Copyright © 2001 by  Darrell Decker
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