Carpet Bomb Nights
(Sung to the tune of "One Of These Nights" by The Eagles)
Guest song parody by Darrell Decker

(As sung by pResident Shrub to the Taliban:)

(instrumental intro)

Carpet bomb nights!
Dropping our bombs from great heights.
You're gonna find out, evil doers,
We'll turn out your lights.

The public is pushing; war fever is high.
Pretty soon, you're gonna whimper and groan!
You got an agenda, you got your weapons.
Well, I got a few of my own.

Ooh... coming right behind you,
Bombing all of you through the night!
Ooh.... coming right behind you,
Swear we're gonna get you one of these nights!

In your bad dreams...
In your lost and looney dreams...
We're sending you some missiles,
Some that really scream!

We'll be bombing the disciples of the devil himself.
While we're searching for that devil in white.
I really want to put a hurting on them both.
We'll compel them all to flee from the light!

O...sama hides behind you,
But bin Laden never was right.
Oh, better look behind you,
Special forces find you one of these nights.

(long instrumental break)

(Carpet bomb nights...)
Groping in the dark, while you fight...
Coming right behind you, swear we're gonna find you
Blast you away, one of these nights.

(Carpet bomb nights...)
Comin' for you.. comin' for you...
(Carpet bomb nights...)
You can feel it...  You can feel it...
(Carpet bomb nights...)
Coming right behind you, swear we're gonna find you...

(repeat refrain and fade)

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Copyright © 2001 by  Darrell Decker
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