Bombs Over Baghdad 2002
(Sung to the tune of "Bombs Over Baghdad" by Outkast)
Guest song parody by Ethan Mawyer

(instrumental intro)

1-2, 1,2,3 yeah


International overlord
Us for sure and we won't get bored
Of enforcing what is right and showing off our might

You cant stop our plan
You want to? you can't afford it
If you try you'll be deported
And do not doubt that we can

Since trying to stop me is treason, man
You can talk, sure but what you say we'll ignore
And if you try to do something more
You'll be kicked out cause we're at war
And we'll be fighting for 7 years more

2-0h-oh-two anno G.O.P. from now on you can't mess with me
Or the whole administration - from now on we will rule - this nation
Is under our control
When we're at war we possess its soul
Lose support, when fork means bowl
Never reveal our true role we're the anti peace patrol

When we started, they were doubting, but now our praise they're shouting
You ask to what do we owe our success
The war that's a fact not a guess
Afghani war might soon end
Our popularity we must still defend

To defend, we must fight
Pick a villain, which one is right?
I doubt that anyone wants a second cold war
Persian gulf - that was a good old war
Saddam's still there, fight him again
Just need a few good men - owwww

The polls are in and they think we're gonna win
Bombs over baghdad
We're gonna win both the war and e-lek-shin
Bombs over Baghdad

(Bush Boy:)

One, two, three ok
I am the president of the USA
I still can't believe it but its true
A lot of my job gets me confused

But i get by with help from my crew
Who told me about a job that's new
A great new fun thing that i'll get to do
To not do it would stink more than Pepe LaPew

Declare war on somewhere called Iraq
soon I'll have to learn where it's on the map
Too green to fight - i forget its name
But I am in charge of fighting Hussein

Heard I could learn from my father's Gulf War
But I don't remember those years - why I'm not sure
I can use this war for executing
Instead of the chair I'll use shooting

Yo, I am a really bad boy
And those Iraqis I will destroy
One crime down on which I'm going to crack, see
DWI - dwelling where Iraqi

First time offendeers are cut no slack we
Make sure their life they're lacking
Don't you tell me that that is not nice
They make us pay a high gas price

I should appeal to the thrifty spender
And we will have a war that is chock full of splendor
I really hope that they never surrender
Since if that happens i think people will
Figure out that i don't have a whole lot of skill
But i guess if we finally end my great new war
Then congress will declare one more - hah!

The polls are in and they think we're gonna win
Bombs over baghdad
We're gonna win both the war and election
Bombs over baghdad

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Copyright © 2002 by Ethan Mawyer
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