Born To Run
(Sung to the tune of "Born To Run" by Bruce Springstein)
Guest song parody by Skisics Surus,
Come the day we sweat it out
With the votes on our G.O.P. American dream
That night we win, those in mansions, glory in suicide tax schemes
Sprung from liability, ask for my time, well heeled,
Cash injected and steppin' out over the line

Cheney, this town picks the bones from peoples backs
We're a death trap, we're a suicide rap
We're gonna get them while they're young
`Cause tramps like us, Cheney, we were born to run

Cheney, let me in, I gotta be your friend
I want to steal your dreams and visions
Just wrap your mind 'round these money dreams
and shake your hands with my minions
Together we can set this trap

We'll cut till we drop, Cheney, we'll never look back
Will you talk with me awhile, show me who to hire
`Cause Cheney I'm just a scared and lonely rich boy
But I gotta find out how it feels
I want to know how power works
Man, I need to know what is real

Beyond my palace, semi-powered drones,
Scream down the folks real hard
I just don't look at myself in my mirror,
And my boys screw the people real hard

The national debt rises, bold and stark
Kids are huddled on the street on a grate.
Just walk over where they lie, right Cheney,
On the streets tonight
They'll just have to wait.

The voting lines, jammed with everyday heroes,
On a last chance, stop the dive
Everybody's out voting today
So there's no place left to hide

Together Cheney, we'll live with the sadness,
Dad'll love you with all the madness in his soul
Someday guy, I don't know when,
we're gonna get to that place
Where we really want to go and we won't stop till we've won
But till, then tramps like us,
Cheney, we were born to run

Copyright © 2000 by Skisics Surus
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