Boy W.
(Sung to the tune of "A Boy Named Sue" by Johnny Cash)

(instrumental intro)
Bush Daddy left office in '93,
After a failed one-term presidency,
While Dubya hit bars, and guzzled down the booze.
Shrub has been the same, since he was a kid.
So on 9/11, he ran and hid.
What'd you expect?  He's just Boy W.

Well, as a pResident, Shrub's quite a joke,
'Cause he made a lot of gaffes before a lot of folks.
It seems Shrub just depends upon his crew.
His pals didn't struggle to get ahead;
Relied of graft - now our budget's red.
I tell ya... life's too easy for Boy W.

He was born so rich, and he grew up mean.
Life wasn't hard, with a mind unkeen.
He went from Clown to Crown; he has no shame.
If we all work now to remove this czar,
Then his smirk won't haunt, and he won't get far.
Vote out that man who gives our land an awful name!

Well, he's got no urge to tell us why
All the stocks went down, when he said to buy.
While they still drop, he don't know what to do.
The election's soon; voters howl for blood.
Bush is unable to clean the crud
Of his Big Business cronies who backed his coup.

Shrub's a big mistake - he's just like his dad.
He's a bogus "victor" 'cause his brother's bad.
And you know when he starts to speak, he's an evil guy.
A fake pResident, whose White House sold
To the crooks from whom Bush got his gold.
And they said, "Hey, W!  We helped your coup!
Now we're flying high!"

Yeah, that's what they said!

Now for Bush, it's hard; he leans on lies.
He wears the crown, but it's no surprise
He's not the sharpest knife, but the far right wing has his ear.
And on foreign affairs, though he's lost, he'll preach.
But a crash course is all Condi can teach.
Bush cronies are gougin' their own companies through fraud, we hear.

Investors will have to suffer, then.
They'll blame Bush and the Republicans,
Who changed all the rules, and inflated their stocks a while.
It couldn't last, because their stocks went bust.
Their CEO's scammed, and betrayed their trust.
These corporate crooks are happy, 'cause Bush made 'em smile.
His Pop said, "Son, this world is rough.
You're The Man; gotta fake it, if you're not up to snuff.
And you know I'll always be there to help you along.
So you've lived off your name, and you just got by.
And if that isn't enough, just lie!
It's the Bush name that helped you all along."

He said, "Our cronies fought one hell of a fight.
And they'll need you, Cheney, and the party Right
To steal right now, 'cause that was the aim of our big coup.
And you ought to thank me, the former spy,
Though you've fallen on your butt, and got sh*t in your eye.
'Cause you're the son of GeorgeBush, named "W".

The Dim Son's fu**ed up, and his downfall's begun.
What happened to Pa will happen to his son.
We'll send Shrub away; we'll elect someone new.
Nothing good about him, not now nor then.
Dubya had to lie, 'cause he couldn't win...
He's not clever, the Dim Son; the right wing won't blame him...

Bill! Not George! They love W.  They still hate Clinton!

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Copyright © 2002 by W. Tong

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