Brain-Dead Whine
(Sung to the tune of "Red Red Wine" by Neil Diamond/UB40)
Guest song parody by Michael Pacholek

(instrumental intro)

Brain-dead whine
From Bush's head
Make me forget that he
Has just got to go.

Brain-dead whine
Takes us to war
Money's all gone
All I can do, I've done.
But mem'ries won't go.
No, mem'ries won't go.

I'd have sworn
That with time
He'd get some good thoughts from inside.
I was wrong, now I find
Just one thing can he provide...

Brain-dead whine,
Unlike our old friend, Bill,
Who was heaven-sent.
We know where it went.

(Rap lyrics spoken during instrumental:)

Brain-dead whine, Georgie Bush out of line.
He's saying dumb things all of the time.
Brain-dead whine, Bush is chief of command
Don't got a million dollars, it's out of his hand.
Brain-dead whine, you make me feel so sad
As soon as you go, it won't be so bad.
Brain-dead whine, from a family of crime.
Daddy and Jeb and other slime.
Brain-dead whine, you give me whole heap of crap.
Whole heap of crap and make Bill take the rap.
Brain-dead whine, you're a hawk, not a dove.
Beating you in oh-four is a blessing from above.
Brain-dead whine, horse is before the cart
right from the start without any heart.
Brain-dead whine in an Eighties style.
Vote Democratic and be happy for a while, yeah.

Brain-dead whine, Bush is out of his mind.
He and Saddam really are the same kind.
Daddy and Kissinger, Allende was offed
just like civil liberties under Ashcroft.
Brain-dead whine, too much power is held
by the likes of Cheney and Don Rumsfeld.
Economy croak. Supreme Court choke.
Somebody free us from this Texas joke.

Here's an alternate version by Skisics Surus: Bush Just Whines
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Copyright © 2003 by Michael Pacholek
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