Brainless Bulletin Board Boys
(Sung to the tune of "If I Only Had A Brain" from the musical "The Wizard of Oz")
Guest song parody by Darrell Decker

(instrumental intro)

I could paste away for hours,
And turn your surfing sour,
I really am a pain.
I would love to cause you trouble,
And I'd do it on the double,
If I only had a brain.

I come online at night,
And try to start a fight,
Cause I'm not all that sane.
But posting on a board,
Never gets me an award,
Cause I don't have any brains.

I tried using other names,
But I always got the blame,
Ridicule fell like rain.
I feel like such an outcast,
Every night they're kicking my ass,
Cause I don't have any brains.

Alternate versions of this song parody:
If I Only Had A Brain by John Harvey
Bush Is Nothing But A Whore by Heather
To Become King of State by Digby & June Morrow

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Copyright © 2003 by  Darrell Decker
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