Dubya Is Brainless (Theme from B*U*S*H)
(Sung to the tune of "Suicide Is Painless" {Theme from M*A*S*H}), from a suggestion by a reader (Attmay)

Through early morning smog we see
Visions of the G.O.P.
His brains don't match his wealth, you see
We realize and we can see that...

Dubya is brainless
His plans all are aimless
Make no mistake, believe that he is sleaze

George Dubya is way too fake
He's a little boy who aches
To lead the Party of Big Hate
To win the White House and dictate, and... (repeat chorus)

His game in life was always say
And do it all the right wing way
But losing hard will make them pay
So this is what we have to say, that... (repeat chorus)

His only way to win is cheat
Take Gore down before he's beat
Before they lose another seat
In Congress with their big defeat, ' cause (repeat chorus)

The lords of crime all rule again
His executions haven't been
The answer the crime rate, when
His brain no longer thinks, but then...  (repeat chorus)

Hey, Dubya, we request of thee
Please answer questions honestly
GWB does not agree
That if he lied, we all can see that...  (repeat chorus)

And you can't do a damn thing, 'cause you're sleaze.

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Copyright © 2000 by W. Tong

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