Bush Buffoon (Full Moons)
(Sung to the tune of  "99 Red Balloons" by Nena)
In honor of the Swedish anti-Bush protesters
Guest song parody by skisics surus, skisics@yahoo.com

(instrumental intro)

Dubya went on a trip to Europe
To hide he's a buffoon
Went to Spain, gaffed a lot
Off again at the break of dawn
NATO laughs once he was gone
Up to Sweden, protest in the air
Flash the message,
"That Bush is out there"
Driving by in his limousine
The protesters' full moons go by.

The protesters' full moons
Flashing at the bumbling guy
Panic bells, it's red alert
There's something here,
No fawning press
The spin machine springs to life
Hides from all eager eyes
Focusing on their failing guy
While the protesters full moons go by.

Protesters cleared from the street,
The NATO ministers meet
They worry, worry, hype the scary
Call the troops out in a hurry
This is what they've waited for
This is it then, this is war
The president drives down the line
As the protesters' full moons go by.

Protesters kept off the air
Hidden by the right wing liars
Everyone says Bush a hero
Everyone knows Bush a jerk
With orders to identify
To clarify and classify
Scramble behind the BIG lie
As the protesters' full moons go by.

As the protesters' full moons go by.

Protesting dreams I have had
In every one a real full moon
Bush comes over and I'm stoopin' pretty
In front of the White House steps
If you could leave a souvenier
Just to show to Bush you're here...

Say, "Here is a new full moon."
Just drop your draws and let it go.

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Copyright © 2001 by Skisics Surus
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