Georgie Bush Coup
(Sung to the tune of "The Mickey Mouse Club March")

(instrumental introduction)

Who's the leader of the coup?
Who stole democracy?
G-E-O... R-G-E... B-U-S-H,   Bush!
Who's installed by Supreme Court judicial larceny?
G-E-O... R-G-E... B-U-S-H,   Bush!

Dubya Bush... Dubya Bush...
Forever he has lowered standards - why?
Come along and sing this song
To His Fraudulency.
G-E-O...R-G-E...  B-U-S-H,   Bush!

(repeat verses)

Bush Daddy version of this parody by Goldee Greene: Daddy Bush's Club
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Copyright © 2001 by W. Tong

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