Bush Gets Up My Nose
(Sung to the tune of "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" by The Platters)
Guest song parody by Phil Alexander
(instrumental intro)

They asked him how he knew
'telligence was true
Oh... he, of course, replied:
"Saddam tried to hide;
That can't be denied."

He said someday you'll find
Weapons hid behind
Oh... some deserted bush...
But the feeling grows
Bush gets up my nose

So we fought... them and we duly won
To think some could doubt that we'd got
To invade, now how we're dismayed
We still ain't found a lot (ain't found a lot)

Now inquiry must decide
If George Dubya lied.
Oh... so I smile and say
That I can disclose...
Bush gets up my nose.
Bush... gets... up... my... nose!

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Copyright © 2004 by Phil Alexander
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