Can't Think
(Sung to the tune of "Think" by Aretha Franklin)
Guest song parody by Marika,

(instrumental intro)

You can't think (think)
Think about what you're doin' to this country
Think (think, think)
Because ev'rything you do is on TV

Let's go back, let's go back,
Let's go way on to way back when
Most of us didn't even know your name
And Clinton was our president.
You don't need to be a psychiatrist
Or a doctor with degrees,
But Bushy, you need a higher I.Q.
To run this land of the free

Oh, he's dumb (he's dumb)
We all know he's dumb (he's dumb)
Oh, he's dumb
Yeah, he's dumb!
The whole world knows he's dumb (he's dumb)
He's dumb
Ev'rybody knows he's dumb
Yeah he's dumb!
We all know...

Hey! Think about it!
Bush! Think about it!

There ain't nothin' you could ask that won't
Make you look like a fool (you fool)
You don't speak the English language too good
But you should, go on back to school.

You can't think (think)
Think about what you're doin' to this country.
Please just think (think, think)
Cuz' you're making us all look pretty damn crappy.

What are you doin' everyday
Besides sittin' on the White House floors?
Are you tryin' to make all your people lose their minds
Cuz' they all think that you've lost yours

Oh you can't think (think)
Think about what you're doin' to this country
We beg you, think (think, think)
We know it's not something you do naturally

You try to lead us
But we hate you
Without you, Bushy
There'd be a whole lot more we could do

Oooh yeah, think about it Bushy
Let it go Bushy
Think about resignin' now
Yeah, right now (think about it, resign now)
Whoa, right now (think about it, we don't need you)
yeah, right now (better off without you now)
We need to change your mind (think about it)

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Copyright © 2001 by Marika
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