Castles Made of Sand
(Sung to the tune of "Castles Made of Sand" by Jimi Hendrix
Guest song parody by Skisics Surus,

(instrumental intro)

On the street, you can hear the scream "cuts are a disgrace"
From the White House, only his smirkin' face
And now Bush stands outside
As all the rich folks stuff their pockets and drool

They cry "Oh, Bush, cuts must be had!"
What happened to the surplus you and me had?
So now the economy falls from the scheme.
And our fears are realized, lost our dream.
And the surplus made of sand falls in the sea, eventually.

The little playboy drunk before he was sent,
Played money games for the rich and his playboy friends.
And he built up a dream that when he grew up.
He would be a fearless, warrior, playboy chief.

Many votes lost and their new scheme grew strong until
November, he would steal his first election, and handed the battle.
But something went wrong, economy collapsed from his theft that night.
And the surplus made of sand melts into the sea, eventually.

Now left with a moron, who's just a real clown.
'Cause he's been handled his whole life,
And his judgement is not sound.
And he wished and prayed for a good living,
So he decided to lie.
He drew up his budget to help the rich some more.
And to the rest, he smiled, "You can't stop me no more."

But then a sight he'd never seen made him jump and say:
"Look, our golden Wall Street is falling today."
And it really didn't have to stop, should've kept on going...
And the surplus made of sand slips into the sea, eventually.

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Copyright © 2001 by Skisics Surus
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