Laura The Centerfold
(Sung to the tune of "Centerfold" by The J. Geils Band)
Guest song parody by Skisics Surus,
Does she talk? Does she talk?
Does she come complete?
My holier than thou Laura
Always pulled me from my seat

She was pure like snowflakes
No one could ever stain
The memory of our Laura
Could never cause us pain

A year goes by, surfin' the net, can't believe I've seen
And there's my holy Laura on the pages in-between

My blood runs cold
My memory has just been sold
My Laura is the centerfold
Laura is the centerfold

(repeat chorus)

Told her flock about this mess
While I was thinkin' where's her dress
She first denied it that day
Before she got caught in a lie

She was shakin' in her shoes
Whenever she flashed those you know who's
Someone had a hold on her
When Laura posed for that guy

Those soft and fuzzy knockers
Too magical to touch
Too see her in that doorway
Is really just too much

(repeat chorus)

It's okay I understand
This ain't no never-never land
I hope that when this issue's gone
I'll see you when your clothes are on

Saw it all, yes we did
Saw it all, can't deny it
Did you take it to a motel room
And take 'em off in private

A part of me has just been ripped
The pages from my mind are stripped
Oh no, I can't deny it
Oh yea, I guess I gotta buy it!

Na, na... na, na, na, na
Na, na, na
Na, na, na, ma, na

(repeat chorus)

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Copyright © 2000 by Skisics Surus

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