Cheney Runs
(Parody of "Nobody Home" from "The Wall" album by Pink Floyd)
Guest song parody by skisics surus,

All right, I'll take care of them part of the time,
But there's somebody else that needs taking care of in Washington
Who's that?
Dick Cheney,
Dick Cheney, Who's that?
[Kid screams in background. foreground: Shut Up!]
Old fart [laughter] does that answer your question?

Iíve got a little black book with my choices in
Got Dick Cheney lookiní for my running mate
When he makes his mind up, heíll let me know who to choose.

Dads got his friends keeping the cash rolling
Got to keep those cash cows
Got to get the convention charade in high gear

Cheney says he sees the light
And heís got second sight
And amazing powers of observation.
And thatís how he knows
When I try to get through
On the telephone to him
He says heís the best man for the job

Weíll show the obligatory minority face
And the inevitable non-white face
All on the stage to show that we really care
Iíve got Dick showing me the how things work
Iíve got my silver spoon connections
Iíve got a grand plan to prop up my rhetoric

Iíve got wild staring eyes
When Iím on the stage, urge to lie
But soon someone will call me
Ooooh, Dick when you pick my brain

(sound clip from "The Gomer Pyle Show")
Surprise, surprise, surprise...

There's still nobody home.

I've got a new business suit
and Iím fading fast.

Next song in the album: Fear

Copyright © 2000 by Skisics Surus
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