Civil Rights
(Sung to the tune of "Southern Nights" by Glen Campbell)

(instrumental riff)

Civil rights
Does the Right believe in civil rights?
They are not pleased
When you mention decrees
These buffoons hate the courts who said so

Civil rights
Did much good; the right wing closed their eyes
They apologize
For what bigots tried to say,
"Do not try to change our ways!"

Right wing lies
Have you heard enough of right wing lies?
They think their duty
Is defending "State's rights" and so
The Dixie flag of old
Helps the bigots stay so bold

Bold plan
These right wing troglodytes we can't stand
Use their power much in this land
On hate radio talk by
Creeps and dittoheads heed their ploy

They're no good
They're no good, and it's frightening
When they stood
Against all enlightening
They love Rush Limbaugh, they love fat Rush Limbaugh
Whatever Limbaugh said, is what runs through their heads
Centuries of social progress and prosperity
Were blown by the Right
Into right wing lies

(Repeat last verse)

Copyright © 2000 by W. Tong

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