Comfortably Rushed
(Sung to the tune of "Comfortably Numb" by Pink Floyd)
Guest song parody by Ian Butler - click HERE to hear his MP3 recording from his web site

(instrumental intro)

Hello, this is Rush Limbaugh,
On the EIB Radio Network
And also on a massive dose of drugs

Come on, Iím coming on to Oxycontin - now
It helps to ease the pain yeah,
The pain of being full of so much gas

Relax, all my loyal listeners
Thereís no need to think now
Itís not as if you ever have before

I know my hairline is receding
But then again so is my waistline
Once upon a time I was called a big fat idiot
But Iím no longer big and fat

When I was a boy I had a festering cyst
Down on the bottom of my ass
It kept me out of Vietnam
I canít explain, you would not understand
Itís not some kind of gland
Iím feeling flushed, Iím comfortably rushed

OK, so maybe Iím a big prick
I make liberals go owwwww
And I make Al Franken sick

Alright, it means my schtick is working, good
Getting under peopleís skin now
Only gonna help my ratings grow

There are more drugs Iíll be receiving
Filled the cigar box up with money
Sent the maid off to the parking lot
Of Dennyís - for hillbilly heroin

When I was on TV watched a forward pass
Sail past the corner of the field
I saw the quarterback was black
I pointed out that blacks arenít good at sports
And so they kicked me out, the liberal media
Iím feeling flushed, Iím comfortably rushed

Here is an alternate version of this parody by Skisics Surus: Comfortably Dumb
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Copyright © 2004 by Ian Butler - visit his web site,
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