Just Like Gary Condit Blues
(Sung to the tune of "Just Like Tom Thumb Blues" by Bob Dylan)
Guest song parody by Maria Weir Werth

(instrumental intro)

So your girlfriend's lost in the woods, and it's summertime, too.
And she's been missing for weeks, and your phony smile won't pull you through.
Don't put on any airs when you're walking down that D.C. Avenue.
They've got that hungry press, and they're really gonna make a mess out of you!

If you see Anne Marie, please tell her thanks a lot.
She blabbed to Larry King about those ties, under your bed, all in a knot.
And you don't have the guts to talk to the press, or take a real lie detector test.
And your best friend, Dan Rather, don't wanna talk about your mess.

Up on Capitol Hill, you think it's business is as usual with power and fame.
You can pick one or the other, because they're just part of your psychopathic game.
And if you're looking to get re-elected, you'd better go back to from where you came.
Because the cops still need you to say what you know, and take some blame.

Now some politicians, they just stand around a boast.
How they manipulate the media, including the Washington Post.
And picking up interns who just arrived here from the coast.
Who look so fine at first, but leave looking just like a ghost.

You started out with interns, but moved on to kinkier stuff.
You thought they'd all stand behind you, when the game got rough.
But the joke is on you, because there is nobody even left here to bluff.
Go on back to Modesto, we do believe we have had enough!

Copyright © 2001 by Maria Weir Werth
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