Condoleeza Rice
Dedicated to Bush's National Security Advisor, Condoleeza Rice
(Sung to the tune of "Wouldn't It Be Nice" by The Beach Boys)

(instrumental intro)

Condoleeza Rice is Bush's cover;
Bush's foreign policy skills aren't strong.
Rice and Colin Powell can't work together.
Their views of the world have clashed too long.

You know they both can't make the Shrub much better.
We know the Dunce can't get his sh*t together...

Condoleeza Rice said, "Boss! Hey, wake up!
Slept this morning - now, what will you do?
And after spending yesterday together,
Tryin' hard to coach you, you've no clue!"

"Honeymoon for you was just now ending.
So now we need a war; more Star Wars spending...
Just take my advice."

(instrumental break)

We know Bush can't think for himself; his handlers scream, "That's untrue!"
And you'll see that the only blacks who work for him must shine his shoes.
Right-wing carried...
Are judges like *Slappy...
And Condoleeza Rice.

(instrumental break)

You know it seems the more Bush squawks about it.
It only make things worse, 'cause people doubt him...
She'd make Bush her puppet...
Condoleeza Rice.

(instrumental fade)

* "Slappy" is the nickname used by Bartcop for Clarence Thomas

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Copyright © 2001 by W. Tong

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