I'm A Creep
(Sung to the tune of "Creep" by Radiohead)
Guest song parody by Sara Rose, ariel@runesofao.com

(instrumental intro)

(As Sung by Dubya)

I stood upon the stage
Couldn't look Gore in the eye
His words made so much sense
His words made me cry
He smiled at the people
In his confident pride
I wish I was smarter
Heís so very smarter.

But I 'm a creep
I'm a weirdo
How the hell did Dad get me here?
Do I belong here?

I don't care if they laugh
At everything I say
I won the election
Least thatís what they say
Now I have the limo
And Air Force One too
Just wish I was smarter
Goreís so very smarter.

But I'm a creep
I'm a cokehead
Daddyís money got me here
Now I belong here.

Canít help but laugh at votes I stole
All those votes thrown out
I laugh, laugh, laugh!

Now Iím in the White House
Oval Office is mine
Got most of my buddies
In Congress, thatís fine!
Gonna get Ashcroft
In my Cabinet
Gore thought he was smarter
Well, look who is smarter!

I'm still a creep
But Iím President!
Got the money to pay the Lobbys
Now I belong here
Yes, I belong here!

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Copyright © 2001 by Sara Rose
Visit her web site, Ariel's Holodeck at http://www.arielelf.com/
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