Want That Creep Smirk To Fall
(Sung to the tune of "Deep Purple" by April Stevens & Nino Temple)

(instrumental intro)

Want that creep, Smirk, to fall
In '04 and lose it all.
When the R's begin to bicker,
They will sigh:
How they miss those old memories.
Bought Reagan's act with ease.
Soothing their pain when they cry.

He's a shill for the Right.
Once again, Bush has to fight.
Want him gone.
The Shrub can't do without his team.
But as long as Dick's heart will beat,
Shrubbie can cheat defeat.
"I'll win," that creep, Smirk, will dream.

(instrumental break)

(repeat verses)

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Copyright © 2001 by W. Tong

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