Diff'rent Votes
(Sung to the tune of the theme from “Diff’rent Strokes”)
Guest song parody by Attmay
Now the court does move to the beat of just one drum,

With Scalia and Thomas and other right-wing scum.
They were quite bored with Democracy
So they handed Bush a Sunshine State victory

Diff’rent votes,
It takes diff’rent votes,
It takes diff’rent votes
To move the court.

Everyone in Florida should be offended,
For their votes don’t count with the Supremes.
Those horrendous right-wing whores
Just ignored Al Gore
And they satisfied ol’ Dubya’s evil schemes!
Thanks to George’s legal teams, they got some

Diff’rent votes
To move the court,
Yes they did, they got
Diff’rent votes to move the court!!

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Copyright © 2000 by Attmay
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