Don't Believe Me Now
(Parody of "Don't Leave Me Now" from "The Wall" album by Pink Floyd)
Guest song parody by skisics surus,

[TV in the background, announcer saying, "Bush trying to move to the middle"]

Response from the right wing:

Ooooh, Bush
Don’t leave the fold.
Don’t say you’re moving away
Remember the faithful who put
You where you are
Don’t move to the middle
Remember your friends.
Ooooh, Bush
Don’t be a lib
How could you go
And talk about issues without
Thumping the Bible like we all say.
Ooooh, Bush
How can you treat us this way?
Running toward
The middle, Bush?
Why are you running away?
Ooooh, Bush

Next song in the album: Another Trick In The Fall, Part 3

Copyright © 2000 by Skisics Surus
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