Don't Mess With Dubya
(Sung to the tune of "The Macarena")
Guest song parody by Alvin Dover,

(As sung By pResident Bush)

(long instrumental intro)

Sitting in the White House, and I know that I'm alone-a,
Feelin' kinda stupid; play hide and seek with Osama.
I will not wait on events while the dangers gatha'.
Don't mess with Dubya!

Talibans' been taken out, it's feelin' kinda nice-a.
One war ain't enough, so I plan to do it twice-a.
If you're a terr-ist, I can give you good advice-a.
Don't mess with Dubya!

You say I'm a clown, but you're the one who's on the run-a.
Ashcroft is a-watching and a-looking through your trash-a.
I took away your rights, I'm a one-man junta.
Don't mess with Dubya!

(instrumental break)

There's a little bit of Hitler in everyone-a.
And the hand that holds the whip has all the fun-a.
I'll make it perfectly clear; protests I don't like to hear-a.
Don't mess with Dubya!

NRA's got the guns, Pentagon's got the Bomb-a,
Attack the Axis of Evil, while we pursue Osama.
We'll gut the Bill of Rights, but without any drama.
Don't mess with Dubya!

I am a Big Oil stooge with connections from Poppa.
The Enron Scandal is messy, but I hope it's gonna drop-a.
I'm using war to distract you, my agenda won't stop-a.
Don't mess with Dubya!

(instrumental fade)

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Copyright © 2002 by Alvin Dover
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