America The Doody-ful
(The Reverend Jerry Falwell version)
(Sung to the tune of "America The Beautiful")
Guest song parody by Ken Meyercord

(instrumental intro)

Oh, Doody-full for unhooked bras,
For Amber and Charlene,
For sexy chicks and porno flics
On every TV screen.

America, America,
Girls, shed your clothes for me,
And shake thy boobs for all to see
From sea to shimmying sea.

Oh, Doody-full for unzipped flies
On randy congressmen,
For Bill and Newt and Ted and Bob,
And Gary's philanderin'.

America, America,
'Hos, get between the sheets,
And satisfy their manly needs,
From beds to cars' backseats.

Oh, Doody-full for young brains fried
On crack and LSD,
For schoolyard shootings nationwide
From Tejon to Albany.

America, America,
Boys, load your guns for she,
And take a shot for Liberty
At your neighborhood Afghani.

 Oh, Doody-full for inept spies,
For Ashcroft and the rest,
For purple prose and lies oft told
'Bout phantom terrorists.

America, America,
 Let's grab them one and all,
And take away their right to pray
And all their civil liberties.

Also by Ken Meyercord: The Dubya Song Book!

Copyright © 2002 by Ken Meyercord
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