The Wreck Of The Enron Fitzgerald
(Sung to the tune of "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald)
Guest song parody by Stephen V. Cole

(instrumental intro)

The Legend lives on, from the SEC on down
Of the scandal they call Enron-Screwed-Me.
The stink it is said, rivals that of the dead,
When the skies of the market turn gloomy.
While the load of debt soars, twenty-nine billion bucks more,
Than the whole corporation weighs empty.
The business, it's said, is now deader than dead,
When the debts of the market come early.

Enron was the pride of America’s snide
Insiders who trade in the business.
As the big traders go, it was bigger than most,
With a board and accountants with finesse.
Concluding some terms, with a couple of gas firms,
They invested in telecom bandwidth.
And later than year, when the deal hit the tank
Would it be the whole bag they’d be caught with?

(instrumental break)

The buzz in the press made a tattle tale sound
And the rumors flew up to the ceilin'.
And every man knew as the chairman did, too,
T’was the witch of bankruptcy come stealin’.
The buyout came late and the profit had to wait,
When the third quarter reports came crashin’.
When October came, it was India in pain,
In the face of a balance sheet slashin’.

(instrumental break)

When 401s fell, the old board sent a note saying:
"Employees, you cannot just cash out."
In November and then, a partnership caved in,
And the chairman said "Been good to know ya".
The Chairman wired in, he had lawyers coming in
And the Board, it was true, was in peril.
And later than night, when his stock sank out of sight,
Came the wreck of the Enron Fitzgerald.

(instrumental break)

Does any one know where the friends of Bush go,
When bankruptcy turns dollars to pennies?
The pundits all said, they’d have gotten ahead,
If they’d got 15 billion from Dubya.
They might have sold out or have been subsidized.
They may have gone broke and took payouts.
All that remains are the faces and the names,
Of the employees now facing huge layoffs.

(instrumental break)

Wall Street rolls, the SEC sings,
In the halls of their Washington mansions.
Employees can scream at the directors’ schemes.
The bonds and the stock are wall paper.
And farther below, their stock portfolios.
Will take in what the courtrooms will send them.
The lawyers all go, as reporters all know.
Where the gales of bankruptcy will take them.

(instrumental break)

In a musty old hall down at Justice, they prayed.
In the employees meetings that followed.
The exchange bell chimed til it ran 29 times
For each billion that Enron had squandred.
The Legend comes down from the SEC on down
Of the scandal they call Enron-Screwed-Me.
The stink it is said, rivals that of the dead,
When the skies of the market turn gloomy!

(instrumental ending)

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Copyright © 2002 by Stephen V. Cole
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