Exodus of Roy Moore
Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore was recently suspended by a judicial ethics panel for his refusal to obey a federal court order to remove his Ten Commandments stone monument from the Alabama Judicial Building rotunda for violating the First Amendment barring the establishment of religion.
(Sung to the tune of  the theme from "Exodus" by Pat Boone)

As sung by Alabama Justice Roy Moore:

(instrumental intro)

This slab... of mine... God gave this slab to me.
This slab... of Ten Commandments, see?
The fed'ral court has gone, and banned them; caused me pain.
I can't understand what they have done to me.

I made my stand, and now they're canning me.
I'll squawk at what they've planned for me.
Though I am just a man, my fans are by my side.
With their help, by God, I'll  prove the court was wrong.

The slab no longer has a home.
I lost this fight; a fight to keep the slab of stone.
The fight to keep the slab of stone.
I will still try, by hand divine!

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Copyright © 2003 by W.  Tong

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