Band Of Goons
(Sung to the tune of "Band Of Gold" by Freda Payne)

Their moderates are gone
All that's left are a band of goons
All that's left are the right wing loons
They're a band of goons
'Cause the G.O.P. have refused to see
That they're not in reality

Newt Gingrich led them
And showed the people they had hearts of stone
Who loved Big Money
And what it could own
But the far Right stopped the honeymoon
And Newt quit, and gave up too soon

Their fate is sealed
They have assured their own party's doom
Their own madness has led to gloom
And we hope soon
We'll make them walk, and make them sore
So go vote, and show them the door

(repeat each verse once)

Copyright © 1999 by W. Tong

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