Big Corporate Mistakes
(Sung to the tune of "My Favorite Mistake" by Sheryl Crow)
By Alvin Dover & W. Tong

(instrumental intro)

E-mail was sent this morning.
Big company loss was in a warning.
One more corporate scandal?  There's more!

In a sea of red - knee deep in.
Employees were shocked; rage can't keep in.
Who pulled this scam?!  They must atone.

Now you know, no more dough - WorldCom's ending.
Due to bad ways, that left them spinning.
Now we know; yes, we know 'bout big corporate mistakes.

(instrumental break)

Markets act really stormy.
Executives thought, "Profits for me."
Investors made fools in this game.

Cooked books for some time gave cover.
Pitt's S.E.C. didn't hover.
Admit no guilt, and take no blame.

Now you know, no more dough  - WorldCom's ending.
Their bankruptcy so big, it's beyond mending.
Now we know; yes, we know 'bout big corporate mistakes.
These big corporate mistakes.

The corporate crooks thought they were clever.
They learned to collude together.
Must avoid next stock disaster.
Last stock disaster hit us so low.
Hope new laws put crooks away.

(instrumental break)

Could you know, could you tell,
That firms like Enron would one day implode?
When they count, don't count wrong!
Big wigs did no talking - why?
They just keep on telling lies.

These are big corporate mistakes.
Yeah, they're big corporate mistakes.
They're big corporate mistakes.

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Copyright © 2002 by Alvin Dover
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