Dedicated to Tony Blair, Prime Minister of England, who is widely ridiculed as "Dubya's lapdog"
(Sung to the tune of "Clair" by Gilbert O'Sullivan)
(instrumental intro)
Your countrymen now tear their hair.
Your re-election's up in the air.
You're trying to please... George Dubya's sleaze.
What then?  
You're beating Bush war drums again?
You knew in your heart, Bush was your friend.
You could be let go, 'cause you can't say no.

But why...
Do you heed the voodoo of stupid guys?
Bush foreign policy leaves him despised.
Words mean so little; world treaties defiled.
He don't care what people say,
The world sees Bush as a child,
So, Blair... Blair...

Your future's at stake, do you dare
Be lap dog to Bush, full of hot air?
Your moment is due; decisions you'll rue.
So, try...
In spite of your friendship to that Stupid Guy,
Serve your own people; you've no alibi.
Nothing means more to Bush than hearing you say:
"I will support what you do.
I'll follow - you lead the way."
Oh, Blair... Blair...

(instrumental break)

Folks asked you before, "Don't you care?"
Or have you misread;
You've tied your country's fate
To a man who can't think.
Put the world on the brink.

This is why
Bush is not one you should babysit.
His foreign policy is full of sh*t.
It can be hard to keep his power at bay,
But hear our warning, Dim Son
Can throw your lifetime away.
So, Blair... Blair...

(instrumental ending)

Here's an earlier Cheney version of this song parody: Dick
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Copyright © 2002 by W.  Tong

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