Grand Old Party
(Sung to the tune of "Garden Party" by Rick Nelson)

Just look at the Grand Old Party
And tell me what you see
It's clear that the Party of Lincoln
Is not what it should be

It's been hijacked by the right wing
Their agenda makes me ill
But let's let them self-destruct
While they try to destroy Bill

'Cause they're... all right wing
They hate most everyone
You can't appease Republicans
Unless you're not having fun

The party's sold their soul to
The looney religious right
Now they run the G.O.P.
While their party members fight

So they lost the last elections
In November of '98
They tried to win by attacking
The man they love to hate

Repeat Chorus

The Republicans do nothing
But give tax cuts to the rich
They tried to be the sex police
But no one heeds their pitch

They're all been outmaneuvered
By the man they love to hate
They screwed their party's image
For them, it's much too late

Repeat Chorus

With the likes of Pat Buchanan
Stevie Forbes and old Dan Quayle
They'll try to run for President
But they're sure to fail

When the G.O.P. took over
Back in 1994
They never dreamed that they would lose
And have to face Al Gore

Repeat Chorus

Copyright © 1999 by W. Tong

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