Grand Old Party U.S.A.
Satire about Enron's energy price gouging in California, aided and abetted by the Republicans
(Sung to the tune of "Harper Valley PTA" by Jeannie C. Riley)
Guest song parody by Lee Templeton

(instrumental intro)

I want to tell you all a story about Grand Old Party days gone by,
And a time in California when energy prices went sky high.
When our Gov'nor asked the President for help, so honest folks could pay,
Bush said, "Your state's of no use to me or the Grand Old Party U.S.A."

As the months rolled by, our power plants were built and quickly brought online.
It was reported Enron's dumpin' stock, and jugglin' 'round their debt to buy some time.
In the final days, there was nothing left to keep the creditors at bay.
Except a paper trail that led back to the Grand Old Party U.S.A.
Well, the party chiefs were going to meet that January afternoon, 
And they were sure surprised when Mr. Waxman let himself into the room. 
As he handed out subpoenas, I still recall the words he had to say:
He said, "I'd like to investigate this cabinet of the Grand Old Party U.S.A." 

"There's Paul O'Neill a-sittin' there, and six times Enron asked him what to do.
And Mrs. Gramm was on the Enron Board, and never even had a clue?
And Mr. Baker, were you a Secretary of State, or just Reliant's Punk in town?
And how nice Karl could sell his shares before the prices came all completely down."

"Well, Mr. Cheney couldn't be here; he's in his undisclosed location once again.
And Mr. Bush now wants to put a little distance between himself and Ken.
Then you have the nerve to tell me that to govern, you think you all are fit.
Well, this is just a little Watergate and you're all full of Grand Old Party sh*t."

No, I wouldn't put you on, because it really did, it happened just this way.
The day my Senator socked it to the Grand Old Party U.S.A.
The day California rocked it to the Grand Old Party U.S.A.

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Copyright © 2002 by Lee Templeton
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