How Come There's A Recall, California
Satire about the Enron-rigged electrical blackouts in California, the right wing funded recall campaign for governor, and the behind-the-scenes scheming by the Bush White House to steal political power California, a state the GOP has repeatedly lost in elections
(Sung to the tune of "Hotel California" by The Eagles)

(instrumental intro)

Bush's way or the highway? Can't win if it's fair.
2K had to eat dust; California despair.
Gore left Bush in the distance;
Pissed off the simmering Right.
Far Right heavies chances mighty slim;
They'd always flopped in the fight.

Then Rove claimed of a sure way:
"Here's your mission: sell...
These ideas I can't sell myself;
And turn to heaven, where this state was hell.
Then, we'll cook up a scandal.
Send Gray Davis away."
White House voices have declared a war.
But no one wants to say...

How come there's a recall, California?
For the govenor's race (for the governor's race)
To have Gray replaced.
Yes, Enron caused gloom, don't you recall, California?
That hot time of year (that hot time of year),
Blackouts engineered (blackouts engineered).

Right wing conspiracy twisted
The system for their own ends.
They got a lot of petty, petty ploys,
And Enron friends.
Got their chance, and they fought hard:
Squeezed summer sweat;
Enhanced their own members;
Enhanced their own bets.

Kenneth Lay, Enron captain.
Squeezed juice off the line;
A power grab done in the clear,
Designed to "fix" the shortage fine.
Then shrill Fox voices kept calling to "save the day."
Shaken up in the middle of this fight:
Scapegoat made of Gray-ay:

How come there's a recall, California?
For the govenor's race (for the governor's race)
To have Gray replaced.
Bush didn't give up; don't you recall, California?
And it's no surprise (and it's no surprise)
Wants his big state prize...

Cheering on bad feeling...
Think campaigns are nice?
The greedheads... would recall the governor here,
Through their own device.
Though Arnold Schwarzenegger
Just blathered, making scenes.
Those blackouts may have taken lives,
But they just can't spill the beans.

In '04 November,
Bush will run as once before.
He'll have to find a message that
Will replace what he got through war.
"Attack" is their fight plan.
They have programs to deceive.
White House spins out any lies they like.
They hope they'll never leave.

(long instrumental solo and fade)

Here's an alternate version by Skisics Surus: Welcome To The Country Under Dubya
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Copyright © 2003 by W.  Tong

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