That Damned U.N.'s In My Way
Dubya whines about lack of United Nations support for his invasion of Iraq
(Sung to the tune of "Alone Again, Naturally" by Gilbert O'Sullivan)
By Alvin Dover & W. Tong

(As sung by pResident Dubya Bush)

(instrumental intro)

We are gonna get Saddam,
Because elections need to be won.
I promised my Dad to bomb Baghdad
To finish what he'd left undone.
I'm saving face for Pop.
I hope I don't mess up.
But the problem is,
We've used this line before:
"Arms inspections without conditions."
Scott Ritter said he searched,
But he's got to be mistaken.
I'll say, "Tough luck, we'll still attack.
No more U.N. debating."
Though other nations groan,
I'll just go on my own.
That damned U.N.'s... in my way!

To think that only yesterday,
That damned Putin saw my way.
Looking forward to an Iraq coup,
But opponents all had their say.
And as if to knock me down,
Saddam told Kofi Annan
That he'd comply with an inspection plan,
Breaking Karl Rove's scheme to pieces!
Leaving me to pout.
Right Wing's shouting and they're cursing:
"Saddam has no right to exist!"
The Allies now desert me.
Iraqi oil we'll need.
Their people have to bleed.
That damned U.N.'s... in my way!

My foes call me a chickenhawk arm chair warrior,
Overextended, courts unintended
Middle East doom...
Middle East doom.

(instrumental break)

That damned U.N.'s... in my way!

We'll attack - I'll lead the cheers.
To wag the dog and fill your ears.
Now Saddam can't hide, though my father tried
To remove him durin' his White House years.
'Cause Iraq oil is black gold.
To Big Oil, I've sold my soul.
Can't you understand, that our war time plan
Hatched by Karl Rove can't be shaken?
Loyalty's your job.
I need sheep to rule this nation.
Divert bad news away from me.
Help mid-term elections.
I will get my way.
I don't care what you say.
That damned U.N.'s... in my way!
That damned U.N.'s... in my way!

 Alternate version of this parody by Michael Pacholek: Saddam Again, Naturally
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Copyright © 2002 by Alvin Dover & W. Tong
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