Tie Adhesive Tape Around The Mouth Of Newt
(Sung to the tune of "Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree" by Tony Orlando & Dawn)

Let's send him home
We think it's time
'Cause we've got to let him know
We think he's slime
He said things would get better
And just how it's gonna be
Then we read the Contract and the things we didn't see
Things we didn't see

Let's tie adhesive tape around the mouth of Newt
It's been two long years
Let's give him the boot
If we don't work together to defeat the Newt
We'll stay in a rut
He's gonna kick butt
The right wing wants to loot
Let's tie adhesive tape around the mouth
(Around the mouth) of Newt

Conniver greasing the wheels
Of the lobbyists and shills
With back room deals
He's fallen and he's risen
With the polls
You hold the key
To send the Newt a message
And to stay pollution free
Stay pollution free

(Repeat Chorus)

In November we'll be cheering...
If Newt's party gets the boot...
As millions of the voters will seal up
(Will seal) the mouth of Newt

Let's send him home...

Copyright © 1996 by W. Tong

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