We Loathe War Bluster From This Czar
Dubya's "accomplishments" in his three year reign of error: 2 million jobs lost, recession, 9/11, Iraq quagmire, international condemnation
(Sung to the tune of "Just The Way You Are" by Billy Joel)

(instrumental intro)

Shrub's estranging... allies, it's easy.
He never will back down from war... hmmm...
Just imagine... he's now the killer
Of thousands in Iraq, and more.

And... it was he who... brought times of trouble.
We never thought he'd go this far... hmmm...
He took our good times, created bad times.
We loathe war bluster from this czar.

(brief instrumental break)

Shrub goes lying... truth, he's slashin'
Deranged are his foreign affairs... hmmm...
He always will lie... in token fashion.
What people think - he doesn't care.

Now... he wants terror... legislation.
Do what he wants (he'll play that card)... hmmm...
And he wants no one... to stop the Bush coup.
He'll taunt; war bluster from this czar...

(brief instrumental break)

His greedy cronies know he'll always see
The same way; Dim Son and his crew.
Shrub's still a fake, and unbelieveably...
He'll say more lies, deceiving you.

Get rid of W... go pull the lever,
And vote to promise a new start... hmmm...
Go vote out W... for someone better.
We loathe war bluster from this czar...

(instrumental ending)

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Copyright © 2003 by W.  Tong

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